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Organic Gardening – the facts

5 Facts About Organic Gardening
Take a look at these 5 facts about Organic Gardening!
  1. There are NO pesticides, growth hormones, fertilizers, or toxic artificial additives like flavoring, coloring or preservatives used in organic gardening.
  2. Organic gardening can save you up to Thousands per year depending on the amount of fruits and vegetables grown.
    • Tomatoes        158 lbs.
    • Potatoes          142 lbs.
    • Salad Greens   26  lbs.
    • Zucchini            72  lbs.
    • Strawberries     35  lbs.
    • Onions              54  lbs.
  3. You will consume 100 percent of the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables when grown organically. Nutritional value is lost when pesticides are sprayed onto foods.
  4. Eating organic food from the garden will decrease your rick of diseases such as:
    • Adult and child cancers
    • Autoimmune disorders
    • Asthma and allergies
  5. Organic gardeners use certified organic seeds, most of which are heirloom cultivars. These heirloom seeds promote biodiversity in our food supply.