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5 Mistakes You Should Steer Clear Of When Caring For Palm Trees

caring for palm trees

To grow palm trees, it takes no to little effort. While their all-weather compatibility makes it easy for you to grow them anywhere, there are some mistakes that you may perform, which will affect the well-being of your palm trees.

Too Much Watering

An excessive amount of anything is bad. You will observe the tree leaves turning brownish or yellowish and dropping off quickly without drying out first. In order to avoid this mistake, you will need to make certain the palm soil has good drainage. You can do it with the addition of 30%-50% fine sand to the garden soil combination when you seed your palm. A fresh planted tree should be watered every day for the first week.

No Watering

Unless you provide your tree with enough normal water, the tips of the leaves begins turning darkish. A lot of the palm trees like moist and well drained soil. To learn if your tree gets enough normal water, check the damp degree of the soil the very next day after watering. The land should be damp down to the main of the  tree.

Soil Quality

Not providing a tree with good dirt. Good garden soil shall permit the tree main to build up properly, keep carefully the moist which means that your tree gets enough normal water and offer good drainage. What is the best ground? Canadian peat moss. Cheap earth means poor results. Absolutely most detrimental earth you can purchase is dirt blended with fertilizer.

Fertilizer Burn

Burning tree with a fertilizer by placing it too near the trunk. It is rather easy to burn up the tree trunk. After the trunk is ruined it is harder for the tree to fight diseases. Keep a 2 ft distance from the trunk when fertilizing.

Damaged Root

Adding fertilizer to the earth when planting a tree is a common problem. That is almost assured to get rid of your palm.  tree roots are incredibly delicate, and adding fertilizer so near the main ball could affect it. A tree with ruined roots is much more likely to get diseases and expire. New planted s ought never to be fertilized for the first 3-4 weeks. Give them time to establish.

caring for palm trees