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Garden tips for July

winter gardening tips july
  • If the weather allows clear pathways of moss and lichen.
  • Repaint trellis and check garden furniture, repair and repaint or in the case of wooden furniture, sand and reseal with a wood preservative.
  • Keep adding compost into garden beds as mulch.
  • Even though the weather might be colder, weeds will still grow, keep at it.

gardening in July

  • Remove dead, diseased and damaged wood from deciduous trees and shrubs. Leave evergreens and tender plants until spring.
  • Frosted lawns get damaged easily if trodden on – keep off the grass as much as possible in these conditions.
  • Protect any tender plants from frost with frost cover, bubble wrap, straw or hessian. Place tender plants in containers together in a sheltered spot to give them more protection.
  • Even though it may be cold, continue watering containers before they dry out.

gardening in july

  • Check winter bedding plants and remove any damaged leaves and those affected with mildew or black spots.
  • Remove garden debris regularly to prevent pests from making the area their home.
  • Plan for summer and autumn flowering bulbs that can be planted next month.
  • Carry on with pruning fruit trees to allow the maximum amount of light and air into the centre of the tree. Cut out any diseased or dead wood. Protect fruit trees with netting and check all stakes.


  • Harvest leeks, Brussels sprouts, carrots, parsnips and cabbages.
  • Sow early crops of radishes, beetroot, spinach and lettuce in seed trays in a greenhouse or tunnel in light and airy conditions.
  • Plan what vegetables to use for crop rotation and buy the seed.