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How to Make your Garden Thrive and Look Attractive


The secret of a thriving garden depends on a number of factors which include the quality of soil, improvement of the soil by adding the essential nutrients that plants need for growth, regular pruning, irrigation and pest control. There is no denying the fact that garden care involves a lot of work if you want it to thrive and look attractive. But here are some suggestions to help you with your garden care and maintenance so that your garden always looks beautiful and attractive:

Soil Quality

Good quality garden soil has the right balance of nutrients required for plant growth. Our yards may not always have the best soil for planting, but you can always improve the quality by adding essential components. Before you plan for a garden, it is a good idea to get the soil tested so you know the shortfalls that need to be corrected. Soil testing will also tell you which plants will thrive in the particular environment.

Loosening or Tilling the Soil

Plants thrive in loose, loamy soil. If the soil in your yard is heavily compacted, make sure that you till it and turn it over before you plant. Adding a good quantity of compost does the trick, but make sure that it is well mixed with the existing soil.

Controlling Disease

It is important to understand what type of diseases your plants have before applying pesticides. Indiscriminate spraying will do more harm than good and may kill the plant itself. Or, you might scare away pollinating insects from your vegetable patch leading to a poor harvest. Before you begin to spraying, get some advice from your local, knowledgeable garden suppliers.

Pruning Bushes and Trees

Most gardeners make the mistake of not pruning the trees and bushes on time. Pruning is especially necessary to retain the shapes of ornamental bushes. Some plants and shrubs give off new growth and flowers only when pruned. So, if you want to let your garden thrive and look attractive, learn the correct pruning techniques for each type of plant in your garden.

Maintain Watering and Fertilising Schedules

Too much or too little watering can ruin your garden; proper irrigation of your garden ensures you have lush growth. Watering should be done at the base of the plants to ensure the roots get enough moisture. Early morning or late evening is the best time to water your garden. Also, maintain the fertilizing schedules so that your plants do well and are always looking good.


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