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How to save your plants in the winter

plants in apartment

Have you ever seemed to notice that your plants do not survive the winter? The cold can affect your plants survival rate because it freezes the cells and interrupts the pathways for nutrients and water flow. Here are easy steps to ensure your plants do not suffer the burden of the cold.

1)          Bring your plants inside. By placing your plants indoor there is greater chance it will survive. So place your pot plant on the windowsill to gain light, but remain in a relatively higher temperature than the cold.

2)          Cover your plants to avoid the cold. When we are attacked by the cold, we usually get under the covers to conserve our body temperature at a normal rate. Do the same for your plants! Placing a blanket over your plants will help them survive the winter.

3)          Supply a heat source. Placing your plants in the best possible light during winter will help them preserve them.

4)          Before purchasing or planting anything, perhaps decide on a selection of plants that are more suited for colder days.

5)          Build a greenhouse! They have been used for many years to conserve the life of many plants and flowers. Click here to see how you can build your own small greenhouse.