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Make a mosaic bird bath

Mosaic bird bath

Making your own mosaic bird bath is not only a soothing DIY activity, it’s a fantastic way to add a splash of colour to the garden. Better still, it’s easier than you think.


Mosaic Bird Bath



Bird bath

Exterior polyfilla – if you need to fill cracks

Assorted mosaic tiles or broken crockery

Ceramic centrepiece – we used a frog

Tile adhesive and grout

Paint for base of bird bath



Safety goggles

Tile nippers 


Disposable gloves

Small paintbrush or putty knife


Paintbrush and exterior paint





1. Use a scrubbing brush to clean the surfacce of your bird bath. Fix any cracks with exterior polyfilla and let this dry. Paint the base of the bird bath.

Mosaic Bird Bath


2. Take the time to choose a design before you start your project. For this one the design is broken into sections – the edging and the bowl. For the edging, make sure the tiles cover the top of the bottom and top edges. You may need to cut tiles in half for this. 



Have a large, transparent plastic bag handy when cutting the tiles. All the pieces and shards stay inside the bag and there’s no chance of a stray piece flying up and catching you in the face.


Mosaic Bird Bath



A Dremel multitool and cutting disk is ideal for cutting precise sections for mosaic.


Mosaic Bird Bath


3. Mix the adhesive according to the instructions. It’s better to only mix enough adhesive to use for 30 minutes. Apply the adhesive around the edge, making sure you complete this task before the tile adhesive has time to dry. Place the tiles around the edge to ensure even spacing.


Mosaic Bird Bath


4. Find an interesting ceramic piece for the centre of your bird bath and stick this down with tile adhesive.


Mosaic Bird Bath


5. Work from the centre outwards, cutting tiles to make up the design. Try and get your tiles to fit nicely around the centrepiece and to form the circular shape. You can mix your tiles with coloured glass pebbles to add splashes of colour, while a few mirror pieces also add a different dimension. Use tweezers to make positioning the tiles easier.


Mosaic Bird Bath


6. Select your tiles for the flat level around the perimeter of the base – this could be a contrasting colour. We have used blue, as this makes the water look more natural. The tile used is different to that used in the centre to create more of a contrast.


Mosaic Bird Bath


7. You can choose your grout colour – we used Dove Grey. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended application guidelines for mixing and apply to the surface. Pop on some disposable or rubber gloves so that you can smooth the grout into cracks and crevices to ensure the grout fills all the spaces.


8. Wipe away excess grout with a slightly damp sponge and then leave to dry for about five minutes. Wipe of any remaining residue with a clean, dry rag.



To buff up the colour, wipe down the next day with a rag dampened with vinegar.