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Step-by-Step Build your own Fire Pit

fire pit

There’s nothing like a nice fire in the evening hours to wind down long summer days.  Whether you enjoy a good S’mores or a glass of wine the crackling of burning wood is sure to relax.

There are thousands of ways to build your own fire pit.  The instructions below just happens to be a fast, easy, and most importantly inexpensive way to do it.

What You’ll Need

1. Roughly 40 “old” bricks or pavers
2. Shovel
3. Spray Paint
4. Landscaping Stone i.e. Timberlite, Washed Gravel, Lava Rock etc.

NOTE: You don’t have to buy the bricks for this project, you can easily find  “old”, used brick.

Step 1: Lay it out

Lay your bricks out in the pattern that you want.

Step 2: Mark the Diameter

You should now have a nice trace to go by for the diameter of your fire pit.

Step 3: The Fun Part DIG!!

This is where the work comes in!  Your depth depends on the pattern and/or configuration of the brick in your fire pit mine happened to be roughly 14” deep.  No Audriana did not do most of the digging!!

Step 4: Place your brick & fill with landscape stone

Simply place your brick back into the configuration you started with, and fill the gaps with whatever landscape stone you choose. The stone will help keep your walls and floor in place as well.  If you experience freezing winters you may want to “backfill” with concrete.

So there you have it your own DIY fire pit.