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Turn a Log into a Rustic Planter for your Garden

rustic log planter for your garden

rustic planter is a wonderful decorative item, that can serve as the perfect accessory for any room of the home. Container gardening has become quite popular. While there is a greater interest in gardening and home grown produce, people do not necessarily have the time or the space to grow a regular garden. Instead, they can surround themselves with plants, decorating patios, pools, and other areas of their homes. A rustic look is perfect for this purpose, and you can actually make your rustic planter right out of an old log. Log planters look particularly good near a wooded area or an outdoor path.

Step 1 – Choose Your Log

Decide what kind of log you want. For an especially rustic look, you may want a log with nice, thick bark, twigs, or even moss growing along the outside. You want to begin with a nice, large log.  Your log should be between one to two feet in length and have a diameter of ten to fourteen inches.  The ends of the log should be flat, so that the log can stand evenly on the ground.  Flat ends on your logs also make the process of hollowing out the center a little easier. Start with a 1- to 2-foot length of a tree trunk with a diameter of between 10 to 14 inches.

Step 2 – Hollow Out Your Log

Stand your log up on a flat surface. Take an empty plastic planting pot that is eight inches in diameter and center it on your log with the rim down on the top of your log. Trace the outer rim with a pencil or marker on the flat end of the log. Using your drill and forstner bits, drill successive cores out of the log, taking care to work inside the traced lines. After you have drilled several holes, use a hammer and chisel to remove the pieces of wood remaining between the holes. Continue along until the center of the log has been removed and you have created enough depth to allow the 8 inch plastic planting pot to fit inside and remain unseen.

Step 3 – Drill Drainage Hole And Complete Your Project

Drill a drainage hole in the bottom of your log so that excess water can escape. If you are concerned about insects in your log, you may choose to treat it with an insecticide.  You can buy one from your local home and garden store and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  While the log is being treated, place the log inside a garbage bag to keep the fumes from escaping. Once you are finished, let your planter sit out until the insecticide odor is gone. Fill your 8 inch plastic planting pot with most potting soil and your favorite plant and then place it inside the log.

rustic log planter for your garden