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It is not news to the Western Cape that we have been in a drought during this past winter.  The amount of water left to the communities around us has become a concern. What shall we do during the summer and how much water will there be next year? These questions have no definite answers, but there are some who have speculated that we may not have enough water to last during the summer of 2018. It has been broadcasted that the government has implemented plans in order to preserve as much water for 2018, but how much of it will last if we continue to use water the way we utilize what is left.

According to News24, these plans that are been implemented and are going to be implemented are going to leave the Western Cape with less than 100 million liters a day, which constitutes 15% of our daily consumption. According to SABC news, the rainfall during 2017’s winter was not enough and has left the dams at 32%. In accordance to these statistics, the government has implemented major water restriction that communities scattered across the Western Cape are reluctantly followed. It is imperative that we are able to abide by these water restrictions in order to preserve the water amount for the next years. If we do not act on these restrictions, the future will be more daunting than the statistics provided by various media platforms. Stop washing your car and try and conserve water. You should keep a bucket in your shower so that the water that usually runs down the drain can fill buckets to place in your washing machine, used for car washes and watering your plants. In the Western Cape, it should be our mission to save water in order to save future generations.